An open letter to Ann Coulter

According to Newsmax, Ann Coulter believes that “shysters” within the tea party should be distrusted, especially the ones who say they are trying to defeat establishment Republicans.

“There are shysters,” the conservative author said Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity. ”Don’t trust anyone saying they are trying to defeat ‘establishment Republicans.’”

Proof positive that verbosity does not necessarily mean intelligence. You literally make my skin crawl. Elect Republicans is the answer, Ann? Following that interesting bit of logic, we should’ve had it made in 2000, hell 2004 for that matter, right? So if there’s a Jeffords, McCain, Cornyn, Graham, McConnel, Spector, Alexander, Boehner, Crist, or Christie we should vote for them simply because they have an “R” next to their name?ann-coulter John Cornyn, Texas’ second most conservative Senator, has now voted 9 times to raise the debt limit and we got what, exactly in return? Zip. We’re now in protracted, undeclared wars in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, & Somalia. Not so much as a wimper from the “Loyal” opposition. Establishment (aka- “RINO”) Republicans are openly talking about amnesty, and are directly responsible for funding Obamacare.

But of course, we should elect more “establishment republicans.” MMkaye.

What an insufferable, shrill shill. Go away. Oh, and take Karl Rove and Peter King with you.

Texas Primary Election 3/4/2014 Recommendations:

US Senator –    Steve Stockman

US Rep TX-36 —    Brian Babin

Tx Lt. Governor –  Jerry Patterson

Tx Attorney General –   Ken Paxon

Tx Comptroller –   Debra Medina

Tx Land Commissioner –   David Watts

Tx Railroad Commissioner –   Wayne Christian

Chief Justice Supreme Court –   Nathan Hecht

State Rep Dist 129 –    Mary Huls

Harris County Republican Chair –    Paul Simpson

From FB – Warning to the Tea Party

Warning … there are people trying to take over the Tea Party .. they set themselves up as ‘leaders’ but when you check their background it does not pass the smell test or the COMMON SENSE test either. When you have someone in social media or otherwise who uses initials .. NO work history.. only dodgy stuff like ‘lobbyist’ .. or student at some half assed college working on a degree in journalism and they are RUDE bullies to anyone who asks a question .. you better check out who they are. When these people divide your state into regions and demand if you are Tea Party . report to them. State Tea Parties need to make sure they are not being HIGH JACKED either by the republican or democrat establishment, or by some PUTZ who lives in his or her mother’s basement, someone who is rude or tries to take over Tea Party operations or events. IF they do not share their history on Facebook they are probably either working for the FEDS, for some NGO who reports to one of OBAMA”S minions, self described ‘leaders’ .. only they decided to appoint themselves, or they are republican operatives trying to coopt the Tea Party, many are simply legends in their own mind college students or drama queens working in their mother’s basement pretending to be Thomas Paine. A Facebook friend who appeared on Fox the other day had trouble with one of them. BEWARE … the powers that be want to destroy the Tea Party movement .. they FEAR it along with Oath Keepers and other groups they can not control. SAD we can’t trust everyone, but the world has become a DARK DARK place in some regards, as ‘Tea Party’ guy Glenn Beck discovered. I do not trust any of the talking heads- but Beck opportunist – that he is has a semi honest bone in his body and has warned of the attempt to take over the Tea Party. I am not a member of ANY party I foreswore that after I saw what happened to the two main parties and the attempt on the Tea Party by establishment of right and left. I do not join groups usually because often the WORST sorts take over .. or they are run by an out of control EGO who makes it all about them and their ideas. Often conservative groups cancel each other out because of this fact groups end up about raising money they end up about competing for crumbs. It is one reason conservatives have such a difficult time changing policy, it becomes about who is in charge and who has the most money.

—Diane Alden

Wendy Davis Tells AP Reporter Her “Life Story” Is Now Off Limits….

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

wendy-davis-2TEXAS - When she was on the Fort Worth City Council, Wendy Davis tried to kick gun shows off of municipal property. She tried this in Fort Worth, Texas, “where the West begins,” and failed. Fort Worth is not Austin, and Texas is not like the liberal enclaves where Davis tends to raise her campaign funds, as she is learning this week.

Revelations that her origins story has some holes in it has sent Davis’ campaign for governor into a full-blown crisis. What’s a candidate to do?

Change the subject, of course. So tonight, the AP reports that Davis is out suggesting that if she becomes the first Democrat elected governor of Texas in a generation, she would expand where Texans could concealed carry our firearms.

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Liberalism is Flailing And The Media Help To Identify Their Position


The Hegelian method of conflict resolution on display.

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

The progressive mantra of modern liberalism is flailing miserably everywhere you look and the media protestations of a “Do Nothing Congress” are flares shooting up from their encampments identifying exactly where they reside.

All around us are signs the various liberalist causes are visibly in the minority.   The odd thing is how willing the progressives are to out their failing positions.    Against the liberal yard-stick of emotional legislative advancement, which is diametrically antithetical to freedom, the media are proclaiming congress as failed.

However, when you consider that stopping intrusion by government into your life is a central tenant of freedom this congress is the most successful in a decade.

Coast to coast people are showing their pushback against the nanny state.    People are rising up, or using their TV remotes, or tuning their car radios, or expressing their voice, to reflect an ideology of freedom in opposition to the…

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New York Knockout Arrests: “The only commonality is that basically all the victims were Jewish.”…


The “only” commonality? C’mon NYPD. Until the core issue is addressed, these events will happen more and more often.

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

Read this article and see if something sticks out so quickly to you around the concept of the headline:  “The only commonality is that basically all the victims were Jewish.”  

crown heightsNew York (Crown Heights) - Police have arrested four childrenin connection with a string of alleged “knockout game” attacks in Brooklyn, the NYPD said.

A 14-year-old girl and three other children, aged 10 and 11, were arrested in connection with three assaults that took place between October and November.

The victims included an 11-year-old boy who was punched on President Street, a youth who was hit with a rock while walking home from school and a youngster who was “mushed” in the face with a plastic bag, said Deputy Inspector George Fitzgibbon, the 71st Precinct’s new commanding officer.

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Stockman Challenges Cornyn in Texas US Senate Race #txlege


Could be very interesting this primary season!

Originally posted on ★StaceinTexas★™:

Now we have a race to get excited about!

From AP:  In a last-minute surprise late Monday, U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman filed paperwork to challenge fellow Texas Republican and powerful incumbent John Cornyn for the U.S. Senate next year.

Cornyn is the Senate’s minority whip and had appeared likely to escape a major primary challenge from the tea party or other conservative factions. But Texas Republican Party spokesman Spencer Yeldell said a Stockman staffer walked into headquarters shortly before the Monday 6 p.m. filing deadline, withdrew the congressman’s previously submitted House re-election bid and entered the already crowded race against Cornyn.

Stockman was elected to a district outside Houston last year after a low-profile campaign where he largely ignored the media but urged voters to support his “re-election.” He previously served one term in Congress starting in 1994 — and was perhaps best known for accusing the U.S. government of…

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Princess Joni Boehner Puts Conservatives In Their Place…..


Guess it’s better to appease and lose than fight and lose…….

Originally posted on The Mad Jewess:

A home decor collage from November 2013

Pathetic, little Princess Joni is at it again. All of the little peons in the American kingdom don’t like how the pretty Princess is helping the evil, King Hussein. The same King she swore she wouldn’t suck the knee-caps of.   But, Princess Joni couldn’t take it.  His royal toughness over came her weak frailty… So she began sucking, and sucking………..AND SUCKING.   Then they called him a racist.

The END.

See: here

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Mandela’s paradise: A partial list of Whites violently murdered in South Africa in 2013:

Let’s remember the history of the man they are adoring and worshipping in South Africa.
For those who don’t remember and are at the altar of Nelson Mandela here’s a reminder:
 A partial list of the victims this year.

Their crimes?? Being white in South Africa.

 January 2013

  • John Commins (71) Cape Town – Stabbed to death
  • Jannie du Plessis (58) Villiers – Stabbed and tortured
  • Rudolf van Heerden (79) Belfast – Beaten and suffocated
  • Elna van Heerden (76) Belfast – Beaten and suffocated
  • Ernst van Rooyen (77) Parys – Beaten to death
  • Annatjie van Rooyen (75) Parys – Beaten and suffocated
  • Pieter Kellerman (85) Johannesburg – Beaten to death
  • Desmond Botha (59) Muldersdrift – Shot dead
  • Andries Becker (29) Muldersdrift – Shot dead
  • Eddie Fouche (30) Kemptonpark – Shot dead
  • Shaun Lipshitz (30) Johannesburg – Shot dead
  • Gordon Bazzard (75) Bloemfontein – Stabbed to death
  • Manfred Schmidt (42) Kemptonpark – Shot dead
  • Matty Smith, Gordons Bay
  • Chad Harris, Estcourt – Shot dead
  • Fiona Finnis (57) Centurion – Shot dead
  • Lorraine Shepheard (76) Port Elizabeth – Stabbed to death
  • Hettie Phillips (55) Cradock – Gang-raped and tortured to death

February 2013

  • Dawnsy Mieny (47) Cape Town – Pushed down a quarry
  • Robbie Malan (39) Port Elizabeth – Shot dead
  • Carmen van der Westhuizen (38) Welkom – Raped and tortured
  • Gordon Adam (70) Bethuli – Hacked to death
  • Lorraine Adam (70) Bethuli – Hacked to death
  • Derek Cornelius (75) Roodepoort – Stabbed to death
  • Zarco Bulajic (58) Brits – Skull crushed and shot dead
  • Carel Ferreira (25) Brakpan – Shot dead
  • Laurens de Wet (20) Bloemfontein – Shot dead
  • David Barclay (66) Wolmaransstad – Shot dead
  • BertusCoetzee (42) Vanderbijlpark – Shot dead
  • Nick Basson (67) Vereeniging – Beaten to death

March 2013

  • Waldemar Strauss (42) Danabaai – Shot dead
  • Gert van Wyk (52) Kemptonpark – Shot dead
  • Sarel Pretorius(43) Glenharvie – Shot dead
  • Peet Du Plooy (42) Johannesburg – Stabbed and tortured
  • Suzie Willemse (84) Port Elizabeth – Strangled and stabbed
  • Johan Stighlingh (65) Ventersdorp – Beaten and tortured
  • Eric Labuschagne (51) Rustenburg – Bludgeoned and stabbed to death
  • Marius Hayward (31) Durban
  • Nico Nel (27), Durban
  • Johan Kemp (37) Johannesburg – Shot dead
  • Talbot Smith, Ruimsig – Shot dead
  • Quintin Brits (23) Rustenburg – Shot dead
  • Hannes Hattingh (53) Stilfontein – Shot dead

April 2013

  • Paul Shultze (56) Muldersdrift – Shot dead
  • Anton Bidlingmaier (43) Strand – Shot dead
  • Bob Heunis (60) Seaview – Shot dead
  • Francois Potgieter (59) Boschkop – Shot dead
  • Robin Bothma (67) Uvongo – Shot dead
  • Karel Pretorius (78) Pinetown – Stabbed and bludgeoned to death
  • Jannie Dreyer (62) Paarl – Stabbed to death
  • Louis Eksteen (45) Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death
  • Walkie Walkinshaw (65), Belfast – Shot dead
  • Jacques Oosthuizen (35), Waterfall – Stabbed to death
  • Rodney Bradley (35) Hillcrest – Shot dead
  • Hendrik Potgieter (78) Pinetown – Tied to a chair and stabbed to death
  • Adriaan Stander (33) Bethal – Beaten to death
  • Jacques du Plessis (29) Alberton – Beaten to death
  • Carl Mischke (63) Norwood – Stabbed and tortured
  • Shirley Soffiantini (69) Umhlanga – Raped and tortured
  • Nadine Prinsloo (20) Centurion – Shot dead

May 2013

  • Babs Roos (80), Klerksdorp – Raped and stabbed to death
  • Kenny Linmeyer (75), Johannesburg – Beaten and set alight
  • Peter Hackland (61), Ixopo – Stabbed and shot dead
  • Daan Rousseau (72), Wellington – Beaten and suffocated
  • Erka Rousseau (72), Wellington – Beaten and suffocated
  • Kenny Linmeyer (75), Johannesburg – Beaten and set alight
  • Rui Moutinho (37), Nigel – Beaten and tortured
  • Fred van den Bergh (58), Pretoria – Shot dead
  • William Sharman (43), New Germany – Shot dead
  • Francois le Grange (51), Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death
  • Kobus Larrem (42) Springs – Shot dead
  • Jenny Lachenicht (57), Kemptonpark – Beaten and tortured
  • Morne Nel (32), Muldersdrift – Shot dead
  • Annebe Lategan (33), Reigerpark – Raped, tortured, stabbed to death
  • Dave Maratos (65), Greytown – Stabbed to death
  • Traudel Kretschmer (67), Piketberg – Bludgeoned to death
  • Johan Janse van Rensburg (62) Rustenburg – Shot dead
  • Dennis Kleynhans (65) – Shot dead
  • Carmen Mathe (37), Willowvale – Hacked to death
  • Jeandre van Rensburg (20), Springs – Stabbed to death
  • Freek van Niekerk (26), Wolsely – Shot dead
  • Johan Raaths (29), Carletonville – Shot dead
  • Dave Shaw (58), Johannesburg – Shot dead

June 2013

  • Dudley Buss (67), Queenstown – Stabbed, tortured and suffocated
  • Michael Zafiris (42), Springs – Stabbed to death
  • Melinda Lee Bam (30), Gravelotte – Shot dead
  • Michael Quin (52), Hole-in-the-Wall – Stabbed to death
  • Louis Traut (80), Hofmeyr – Stabbed to death
  • Herman van der Schyff (34), Olifantshoek – Stabbed to death
  • Lindie Nel (29) Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death
  • Eugene Preston (70), East London – Beaten to death
  • Jeffrey Wiggel (59), Johannesburg – Shot dead
  • Barend Nel (19), Sasolburg – Stabbed to death
  • John Hatfield (42), Amanzimtoti – Stabbed to death
  • Roelof du Plessis (51), Bronkhorstspruit – Shot dead
  • Frank du Plessis (62), Cookhouse – Stabbed to death
  • Willem vd Westhuizen (22), Potchefstroom – Stabbed to death

July 2013

  • Dirk Koekemoer (72), Springs – Stabbed and tortured
  • Brian Shalkof (65), Johannesburg – Shot dead
  • Andrew Brown (42), Port Elizabeth – Shot dead
  • Clyde Byrns (26), Port Elizabeth – Stabbed to death
  • Isabel Hugo (67), Clocolan – Stoned to death
  • Onika Bakkes (29), Saldanah – Stabbed to death
  • Lizelle le Roux (42), Molteno – Stabbed to death
  • Robert Bader (62), Cape Town – Shot dead
  • Bossie Barnard (39), Rustenburg – Shot dead
  • Judith Muller (84), Vanderbiljpark – Stabbed and strangled
  • Neil Muller (43) Krugersdorp – Shot dead
  • Nicky Klopper (56), Alberton – Shot dead
  • Claudi van der Merwe (33), Hendrina – Stabbed, raped, throat slit
  • Louis van Wyk (77), Nigel – Tortured and beaten to death

August 2013

  • Craig Botha (37), Pietermaritzburg – Shot dead
  • Gerrit Myburgh (79), Heidelberg – Tortured, burnt and stabbed to death
  • Attie Cronje (47), Germiston – Shot dead
  • Vivien Ponte (47), Oranjeville – Raped, tortured and set alight
  • Janetta van der Walt (60), Margate – Raped and tortured
  • Hennie Bentley (73), Vanderbijlpark – Bludgeoned and shot dead
  • Brian van Blerk (42), East London – Bludgeoned to death
  • Schalk Burger (95), Kakemas – Beaten to death
  • Timothy Green (44), Newcastle – Shot dead
  • Vivien Ponte (47), Oranjeville – Raped, tortured and set alight
  • Michael John Poval (81), Bulwer – Tortured and beaten to death
  • Johnny Meyer (46), Randfontein – Shot dead
  • Mr. Thompson (69), Roodepoort – Stabbed to death
  • Wilhelm Pretorius (36), Port Elizabeth – Stabbed to death
  • Johan Botha (51), Port Elizabeth – Shot dead
  • Willem Swanepoel (59), Witbank – Stabbed to death
  • Jochen Rädel (59), Stellenbosch – Bludgeoned to death
  • Pikkie Stassen (72), Kempton Park – Stabbed to death
  • Rina Stassen (69), Kemptonpark – Stabbed and strangled
  • Bill Daly (81), Morningside – Stabbed to death
  • Kulu Clark (92), Robertson – Bludgeoned to death
  • Craig Bailey (32), Randfontein – Stabbed to death
  • Jannie Hills (41), Hanover – Stabbed to death
  • Miems Robberts (62), Mooinooi – Tortured to death
  • Johan Harding (51), Utrecht – Stabbed to death
  • Garth Johnson (67), Waterval Onder – Shot dead

Septebmer 2013

  • Gert Trucker (52), Hanover – Stabbed to death
  • Eddy Reid (68), Erasmia – Shot dead
  • Sollie Botha (72), Zeerust – Shot dead
  • Elsabeth de Bruyn (71), Brandfort – Stabbed and strangled
  • Noreen Bryant (84), Hermanus – Beaten to death
  • Doris Labuschagne (72), Duncanville – Beaten to death
  • Sollie Botha (71), Zeerust – Shot dead
  • Louisa Francis (68), Middelburg, EC – Beaten and tortured to death
  • David Shacklock (69), Oviston – Tortured to death
  • Danie Geldenhuys (82), Kraaifontein – Bludgeoned and strangled
  • Hannes de Wet (52), Fochville – Stabbed to death
  • Hans Jonker (42), Boksburg – Stabbed to death
  • Leanne Douglas (43), Port Shepstone – Murdered by black police officers
  • Boetman Swart, Swellendam – Stabbed to death
  • Johan Gouws (23), Pretoria – Stabbed to death
  • Mick Hampson (69), Eston – Shot dead
  • Rocco Swanepoel (39), Despatch – Stabbed to death

October 2013

  • Paul Madison (63) Sabie – Shot dead
  • Daan Wybenga (69) Clarens – Tortured to death
  • Michael Foltin (61) Groblersdal – Shot dead
  • Heidi Foltin (56) Groblersdal – Shot dead
  • Deon Bezuidenhout (68) Pretoria – Stabbed to death
  • Hennie van der Schyff (72) Klerksdorp – Bludgeoned to death
  • Eugene van der Merwe (61) Ixopo – Beaten to death
  • Maria Erasmus (52) Durban – Raped, tortured and stabbed to death
  • Frans van der Schyff (75) Klerksdorp – Bludgeoned to death
  • Gerhard de Beer (82) Witrivier – Bludgeoned to death
  • Elize Douglas (52) Carletonville – Shot dead
  • Dawid de Villiers (83) Barkley-East – Stabbed and throat slit
  • Ralie de Villiers (81) Barkley-East – Stabbed and throat slit
  • Susan Olivier (60) Bloemfontein – Stabbed and throat slit
  • Peter Rassloff (72) Kommetjie – Shot dead
  • Dan Knight (56) Underberg – Bludgeoned to death
  • Judy Washington (67) Kei Mouth – Throat slit
  • Kevin Launspach (38) Durban – Shot dead
  • Willem Weites (79) Vryheid – Shot dead

Altered State? – Nuts ! South African Arm Flapper Who Faked Deaf Signing For Mandela Funeral Says He Has Schizophrenia and Was Hallucinating While Swatting Angels – As He Gave Signs To Steal Third Base,… or Something


You really can’t make this stuff up. More bad optics from Teh One.

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

3rd Base signs apparently not good enough.   Who knew? 

JOHANNESBURG—The sign-language interpreter accused of making up hand gestures at Nelson Mandela’s memorial said Thursday that he is schizophrenic and was hallucinating at the time.

The revelation raises questions about security at an event where he stood beside U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders.

“I’m currently a patient receiving treatment in schizophrenia,” Thamsanqa Jantjie said in an interview with a Johannesburg radio station, Talk Radio 702. He said he was certified to translate spoken English into sign language, and that he has successfully handled other high-profile events in South Africa for deaf audiences.

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