Waco Update…


Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44, Chalk Bluff near Waco, Tx  [aka- “Diesel] <Cossack> died of gunshot wounds to the head. Web

Wayne Lee Campbell, 43, Arlington, Tx <Cossack> died of gunshot wounds to the head and trunk. Web

Richard Matthew Jordan, III, 31, Waco, or Pasadena Tx [aka ”Chain”] [aka ”Little Ritchie”] <Cossack>  died of gunshot wounds to the head.

Richard Vincent Kirschner, Jr., 47, [aka “Bear”] <Cossack>  died of gunshot wounds but the report did not specify where he was shot. Web

Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39, Ranger, Tx <Cossack>   died of gunshot wounds to the neck.

Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, New Braunfels, Tx [aka “Jessie”] <BMC> died of gunshot wounds of the head and trunk.

“Manny” Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40, Allen, Tx [aka “Candyman] [BMC?] died of gunshot wounds but the report did not specify where he was shot.

Charles Wayne Russell, 46, Winona or Tyler, Tx [aka “Dog”] <Cossack> died of gunshot wounds to the chest.

Matthew Mark Smith, 27, Keller, Tx <Cossack>  died of gunshot wounds to the trunk. Web


(McLennan County Jail bookings and mug shots. Will be updated. Not all mug shots have been released. Each is charged with engaging in organized crime and is held in lieu of $1 million bond.)

AIKIN,WILLIAM CHANCE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-2 170986 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

ALLEN,RAY ARNOLD   DOB  12 June 1969    WPD 15-9146 051715-6 170987 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY
(MUG SHOT)    Facebook

ARNOLD,JOHN O 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-94 171087 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

BAJOVICH,COLTER 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-125 171091 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY
Colter Bajovich 03.07.87

BAYLESS,TIMOTHY TODD 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-42 171051 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

BENAVIDES,RICHARD 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-41 171040 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

BERGMAN,BURTON GEORGE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-40 171042 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

BISHOP,RONNIE CARL 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-123 171094 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

BRINCKS,BRIAN JOSEPH  DOB 5 Nov 1991    WPD 15-9146 051715-39 171032 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY (MUG SHOT)    Facebook

BUCY,ROBERT CLINTON 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-124 171086 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY


(MUG SHOT)    Facebook 

CANTU,RICHARD JR 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-37 171033 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

CARLISLE,KENNETH ROBERT 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-36 171050 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

CAVAZOS,JASON             W/M 1,000,000

CAVAZOS,RENE                H/M


COVEY, ROY JAMES                     W/M

CRUMP,BOHAR LEE JR 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-34 171015 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

DAVID, JAMES ALBERT JR  DOB 15 Mar 1972 WPD 15-9146 051715-33 171014 W/M
(MUG SHOT)     Facebook

DAVIS, DALTON R 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY MSO 15-9146 051715-146 171064 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

DEVOLL, JAMES MICHAEL   DOB 30 Jan 1982  aka “Joker?”WPD 15-9146 051715-8 171017 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY
(MUG SHOT)   Facebook

DILLARD,JASON ALAN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-105 171080 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

ENGLISH,MORGAN JANE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-62 171037 W/F 1,000,000 SURETY

FOLSE,MATTHEW RYAN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-32 171028 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

GONZALEZ,MARIO ALBERTO JR 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-31 171000 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

GRAY,JAMES LARAY 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-9 171023 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

GRINDSTAFF,NATHAN CLARK 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-127 171090 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY
Nathan Grindstaff 02.19.78

HARRIS,ARLEY LESTER III 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY MSO 15-9146 051715-98 152183 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

HERNANDEZ,JARRON RAY 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-55 171049 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

HERRING,MICHAEL SCOTT 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-29 171034 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY
Michael Herring 10.02.78

JENNINGS,TOMMY KEITH 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-10 170999 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

KEMP,LAURENCE WAYNE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY MSO 15-9146 051715-104 171061 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

KREDER,RICHARD MARTIN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-107 106648 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

LEDBETTER,CODY KEITH 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY MSO 15-9146 051715-103 171088 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

LOGAN,BRIAN DWIGHT 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-137 171096 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY
Brian Logan 10.23.76

LOPEZ,JONATHAN MICHAEL 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-28 171018 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

LUTHER,RICHARD OLEN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-4 170988 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

LYNCH,MICHAEL NMN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-27 34175 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

LYNCH,SANDRA ERLER 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-81 103836 W/F 1,000,000 SURETY

LYONS,ISAIAH NATHEL 4/11/2014 ENG ORG CRIM ACT-IND-BF NOC 13-15470 2013-1665-C2 165120 B/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MALLARD,NOBLE C 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-26 171044 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MARTINEZ,ELEAZAR 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-12 171022 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MARTINEZ,JOHN ANTHONY 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-43 171047 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MCCANN,DUSTIN JAMES 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-149 171104 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY
Dustin McCann 08.21.92

MCREE,BILLY JASON 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-96 171084 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MENDEZ,TOM MODESTO 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-25 171027 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MERCADO,RUDY T 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-24 171045 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MERCADO,RUDY T 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-24 171045 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MITCHELL,MARSHALL 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-13 171021 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MOORE,MICHAEL DOYLE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-93 171071 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MORENO,JASON JESSE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-46 171043 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MOYA,JOHN DAVID 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-100 171060 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

MURPHY,DOSS BARRON 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-5 170990 W/M

OBLEDO,DIEGO NERIO 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-22 171008 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

OEHLERT,DUSTY ALAN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-14 171007 W/M Facebook

PATTENAUDE,MELVIN MICHAEL 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-126 171058 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

PERKINS,JULIE ELAINE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715.157 171036 W/F 1,000,000 SURETY

PINA,LARRY E 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-18 171006 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

POLLARD,JERRY LEE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-17 171009 B/M 1,000,000 SURETY

POND,JIMMY LEE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-15 171003 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

RASH,KEVIN GENE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-102 171092 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

REED,CLAYTON DEWAYNE DOB 22 Jan 1986  WPD 15-9146 051715-21 171001 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY (MUG SHOT)     Facebook    (BMC)

REEVES,OWEN LEE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY MSO 15-9146 051715-133 171085 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

REYES,ROLANDO 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-174 170998 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

REYES,SERGIO 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-16 171020 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

RHYNE,KRISTOFFER LANCE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-134 169017 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

ROBERTSON,ROBERT LIEWELLYN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-95 171066 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

ROCKETT,BOYCE RAY 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY MSO 15-9146 051715-106 171076 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

SHORT,TREY ALSTON 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-101 171073 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

SMITH,KYLE 5/18/2015 ENG ORG CRIM ACT-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-3 170989 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

SPENCER,JIMMY DAYTON WPD 15-9146 051715-20 171029 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY\

TAYLOR,BLAKE SCOTT DOB 21 May 1990  051715-19 171031 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY
(MUG SHOT)     Facebook

THOMAS,MICHAEL GLENN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-54 171038 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY
VALLE,JOSE ANDREW 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-53 171025 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

VALENCIA,CHRISTIAN A 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-128 171093 H/M 1,000,000 SURETY

VENSEL,JOHN PHILLIP 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-52 171016 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

WADDINGTON,JUSTIN NASH 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV 1F WPD 15-9146 051715-51 171011 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

WALKER,GLENN ALLEN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-50 171012 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

WALKER,STEVEN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-49 171010 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY


WEAVER,ESTER SANDY 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACT-F1 WPD 15-9146 051715-44 171035 I/F 1,000,000 SURETY

WEAVER,WALTER THOMAS 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIV-1F WPD 15-9146 051715-48 171002 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

WILSON,JACOB RYAN 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-109 126615 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

WILSON,JOHN ROBERT 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY MSO 15-9146 051715-99 46678 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

WYCOUGH,RICKY WAYNE 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY WPD 15-9146 051715-47 171004 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

YARBOROUGH,GAGE ANDREW 5/18/2015 ENGAGE ORG CRIM ACTIVITY MSO 15-9146 051715-111 159322 W/M 1,000,000 SURETY

7 Days Before Holder’s “90 Day Ultimatum” Expires, DOJ Declines To Prosecute Citigroup



Maybe it’s outrage fatigue about Wall Street, but stories about billionaire 1%ers getting away with more stealing often cease to amaze. Gee Barry, thought that was gonna stop under your transparent administration. Typical paper-pushing, keypad-punching­ sort-of crime, committed by geeks in ties, normally associated­ with Wall Street. The only thing different under the sun is the number of zeros. In this case, the bank literally got away with murder – well, aiding and abetting it, anyway.

Almost exactly three months ago, with much pomp and circumstance, US attorney general Eric Holder, whose department of “justice” made headlines two years ago for refusing to bring criminal cases against big banks due to fears of systemic consequences if any TBTF bank is brought to justice thus spawning the term Too Big To Prosecute, gave his lackeys involved in residential mortgage-backed securities exactly 90 days in which to “develop cases against individuals” for their roles in the financial crisis.

What happened since then is that in a completely unrelated action, the CFTC ferreted out a basement trader and put the entire blame of the Flash Crash on his shoulders just before the 5 year statute of limitations of the May 2010 flash crash expired and… nothing else.

Actually, correction.



So for all those wondering if the modus operandi at the Department of Justice has changed, and if Eric Holder, for all his recent bluster is willing to prosecute Wall Street criminals, we have the one word answer.


As for “Honorable” Holder’s 90 day deadline, it expires in precisely one week. Expect that to fade away into the collective lack of memory as the May 18 deadline comes and passes with no action revealed by the Department of “Justice.

-From Zerohedge    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-05-11/7-days-holders-90-day-ultimatum-expires-doj-declines-prosecute-citigroup-over-libor-

Incredible Eye Witness Testimonial Lying On Camera – This Is How a Dangerous Lie Explodes In Baltimore….


You can’t say *what* in a crowded theater again?

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

..”They Shot That Boy For No Reason !”

Earlier today the police approached a man on the street in Baltimore suspected of carrying a firearm. Before the police could reach him the man took off running. During the pursuit the suspects handgun either fell, or was dropped, as he fled. The suspects gun went off when it hit the ground. Fortunately no-one was hit by the discharge. The man was tackled by the chasing officers and then, out of an abundance of caution, transported via ambulance.

No police officer fired their weapons. No-one was shot. The only firearm discharge was from the fleeing suspect as his firearm hit the ground.

Now watch this video of how a female “eye-witness”, injected her perception of the event, and quickly reported it to the media and enraged the community.  Passionate, angry, tearful and adamant about what she witnessed.

Of course, none of that…

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From the ‘Net- “License to kill”

License to Kill

Jakub Rozalski

The story is the same every time: some nation, due to a confluence of lucky circumstances, becomes powerful—much more powerful than the rest—and, for a time, is dominant. But the lucky circumstances, which often amount to no more than a few advantageous quirks of geology, be it Welsh coal or West Texas oil, in due course come to an end. In the meantime, the erstwhile superpower becomes corrupted by its own power.

As the endgame approaches, those still nominally in charge of the collapsing empire resort to all sorts of desperate measures—all except one: they will refuse to ever consider the fact that their imperial superpower is at an end, and that they should change their ways accordingly. George Orwell once offered an excellent explanation for this phenomenon: as the imperial end-game approaches, it becomes a matter of imperial self-preservation to breed a special-purpose ruling class—one that is incapable of understanding that the end-game is approaching. Because, you see, if they had an inkling of what’s going on, they wouldn’t take their jobs seriously enough to keep the game going for as long as possible.

The approaching imperial collapse can be seen in the ever worsening results the empire gets for its imperial efforts. After World War II, the US was able to do a respectable job helping to rebuild Germany, along with the rest of western Europe. Japan also did rather well under US tutelage, as did South Korea after the end of fighting on the Korean peninsula. With Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, all of which were badly damaged by the US, the results were significantly worse: Vietnam was an outright defeat, Cambodia lived through a period of genocide, while amazingly resilient Laos—the most heavily bombed country on the planet—recovered on its own.

The first Gulf War went even more badly: fearful of undertaking a ground offensive in Iraq, the US stopped short of its regular practice of toppling the government and installing a puppet regime there, and left it in limbo for a decade. When the US did eventually invade, it succeeded—after killing countless civilians and destroying much of the infrastructure—in leaving behind a dismembered corpse of a country.

Similar results have been achieved in other places where the US saw it fit to get involved: Somalia, Libya and, most recently, Yemen. Let’s not even mention Afghanistan, since all empires have failed to achieve good results there. So the trend is unmistakable: whereas at its height the empire destroyed in order to rebuild the world in its own image, as it nears its end it destroys simply for the sake of destruction, leaving piles of corpses and smoldering ruins in its wake.

Another unmistakeable trend has to do with the efficacy of spending money on “defense” (which, in the case of the US, should be redefined as “offense”). Having a lavishly endowed military can sometimes lead to success, but here too something has shifted over time. The famous American can-do spirit that was evident to all during World War II, when the US dwarfed the rest of the world with its industrial might, is no more. Now, more and more, military spending itself is the goal—never mind what it achieves.

And what it achieves is the latest F-35 jet fighter that can’t fly; the latest aircraft carrier that can’t launch planes without destroying them if they are fitted with the auxiliary tanks they need to fly combat missions; the most technologically advanced AEGIS destroyer that can be taken out of commission by a single unarmed Russian jet carrying a basket of electronic warfare equipment, and another aircraft carrier that can be frightened out of deep water and forced to anchor by a few Russian submarines out on routine patrol.

But the Americans like their weapons, and they like handing them out as a show of support. But more often than not these weapons end up in the wrong hands: the ones they gave to Iraq are now in the hands of ISIS; the ones they gave to the Ukrainian nationalists have been sold to the Syrian government; the ones they gave to the government in Yemen is now in the hands of the Houthis who recently overthrew it. And so the efficacy of lavish military spending has dwindled too. At some point it may become more efficient to modify the US Treasury printing presses to blast bundles of US dollars in the general direction of the enemy.

With the strategy of “destroying in order to create” no longer viable, but with the blind ambition to still try to prevail everywhere in the world somehow still part of the political culture, all that remains is murder. The main tool of foreign policy becomes political assassination: be it Saddam Hussein, or Muammar Qaddafi, or Slobodan Milošević, or Osama bin Laden, or any number of lesser targets, the idea is to simply kill them.

While aiming for the head of an organization is a favorite technique, the general populace gets is share of murder too. How many funerals and wedding parties have been taken out by drone strikes? I don’t know that anyone in the US really knows, but I am sure that those whose relatives were killed do remember, and will remember for the next few centuries at least. This tactic is generally not conducive to creating a durable peace, but it is a good tactic for perpetuating and escalating conflict. But that’s now an acceptable goal, because it creates the rationale for increased military spending, making it possible to breed more chaos.

Recently a retired US general went on television to declare that what’s needed to turn around the situation in the Ukraine is to simply “start killing Russians.” The Russians listened to that, marveled at his idiocy, and then went ahead and opened a criminal case against him. Now this general will be unable to travel to an ever-increasing number of countries around the world for fear of getting arrested and deported to Russia to stand trial.

This is largely a symbolic gesture, but non-symbolic non-gestures of a preventive nature are sure to follow. You see, my fellow space travelers, murder happens to be illegal. In most jurisdictions, inciting others to murder also happens to be illegal. Americans have granted themselves the license to kill without checking to see whether perhaps they might be exceeding their authority. We should expect, then, that as their power trickles away, their license to kill will be revoked, and they find themselves reclassified from global hegemons to mere murderers.

As empires collapse, they turn inward, and subject their own populations to the same ill treatment to which they subjected others. Here, America is unexceptional: the number of Americans being murdered by their own police, with minimal repercussions for those doing the killing, is quite stunning. When Americans wonder who their enemy really is, they need look no further.

But that is only the beginning: the precedent has already been set for deploying US troops on US soil. As law and order break down in more and more places, we will see more and more US troops on the streets of cities in the US, spreading death and destruction just like they did in Iraq or in Afghanistan. The last license to kill to be revoked will be the license to kill ourselves.


US General Who Wants to ‘Start Killing Russians’ Reacts to Criminal Probe against Him

From the net:

Comedy Gold: US General Who Wants to ‘Start Killing Russians’ Reacts to Criminal Probe against Him

The general should definitely have his own stand-up comedy show.

“My cruise to the Baltic is off. No vodka or borsch for me”

Russian authorities launched a criminal investigation against retired US Army Major General Robert H. Scales for openly calling for violence against the people of Russia.

Recall his Russophobic comments about the situation in Ukraine:

“the only way the United States can have any effect in this region and turn the tide is start killing Russians…killing so many Russians that even Putin’s media can’t hide the fact that Russians are returning to their motherland in body bags.”

In a new Fox interview, Scales responds to the Russian criminal probe.

Excerpts for the interview:

“It’s the Russia version of the First Amendment – five years in prison if you say something that makes Vladimir Putin angry”

“This is a Russian form of war run by missing Vladimir Putin”

“I didn’t know Fox News was watched in Russia”

“Fox is not Vladimir Putin’s favorite network, because as you saw me on the clip you ran, we’re trying to tell the truth about what’s going on in places like Ukraine”

“Putin is not a strong leader right now. He is missing”

“Russia’s military is in disarray”

“I think it is like the 30s all over again [referring to Hitler]”

“Putin is there to poke a stick into our eye”

“We all know that sanctions don’t work, negotiations don’t work, we can’t push the red ‘reset’ button, and the bottom line is, only military action by the Ukrainians that we support will turn the tide”

“I’m not concerned at all (about criminal investigation), I just kind of wish I could take a vacation in Russia but I can guarantee, that’s not going to happen”


CIA Director John Brennan Appears On Fox News Sunday – And Missing Historical Puzzle Pieces Simultaneously Fall Into Place….

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

Sorry to go so deep on a weekend, but seeing Brennan broadcast in a 22 minute interview is enough to blow the blood pressure cuff:

I have never been more certain of something, yet simultaneously never able to prove it, as I am about two events. The first is that Jack Lew and the White House in 2010/2011 coordinated the DOJ attack, with Eric Holder, against political opposition using the IRS.

The second event is that journalist Michael Hastings was killed by the dispatch of CIA Director John Brennan.


Director John Brennan spent almost his entire formative career inside the CIA and intelligence community. 25 Years inside the CIA prior to 2008.

Mr. Brennan spent most of his C.I.A. career as an analyst, but during the 1990s served a tour as the chief of the CIA station in Saudi Arabia, the rumored financier of a now famous Harvard Law Review editor.

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Desperately Seeking Huma – Senator Grassley Asks State Dept (Again) For Information Regarding “Special Governmental Status” Huma Abedin…


Just another nail in Shrillery’s career..

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

(Via The Weekly Standard) Senator Chuck Grassley has sent two letters to the State Department to ask about Huma Abedin’s special government status when she was a government employee–and for information on Abedin’s email use while working for the government. Abedin is a close aide to Hillary Clinton, and worked for the consulting firm Teneo (under a special government employee status) while working for Clinton.

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clintonhuma-abedin

“I am writing to follow up on inquiries I have been making since June 13, 2013 and August 15, 2013 regarding the State Department’s use of Special Government Employee (SGE) designations, and in particular, what steps the Department took to ensure that Ms. Huma Abedin’s outside employment with a political intelligence and corporate advisory firm did not conflict with her simultaneous employment at the State Department.

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From the ‘Net: On John Maynard Keynes and the Hollow Man Phenomenon

On John Maynard Keynes and the Hollow Man Phenomenon

A few of years ago I stumbled across a movie on Netflix (when I still had it) that I *thought* would be very interesting.  It was called “Carrington” and starred Emma Thompson, whom I have liked as an actress ever since she dramatized and starred in what will forever be the definitive film version of Jane Austen’s “Sense & Sensibility”.

The movie “Carrington” was about the so-called “Bloomsbury Group” in England in the early 20th century.  This group of people is widely regarded in retrospect as being massively influential, and as one of the purest early sources of Modernism – the heresy which has infected and all-but-destroyed the Church, and Western Civilization as a corollary.

These people were all massively disturbed, with almost all of them being bisexual and embracing sodomy and rejecting monogamy as one of the purest forms of protest and rejection of (locally) Victorian, traditional, bourgeois, Christian society.  To put it simply, they were all – male and female – screwing each other, egged on largely by the wicked sodomite ringleader Lytton Strachey.

You can watch “Carrington” if you want, I suppose, but be forewarned: it is pornographic.  And no, not titillating or grasping at beauty in any way – it is the kind of thing that once you see you just want to go inflict a severe head trauma upon yourself so that maybe – just maybe – those incredibly sad, ugly and evil images will be purged from your memory.  And in the hopes of thoroughly ruining it for you, the way it all ended was that Lytton Strachey died of cancer or some such, whereupon the “heroine”, Dora Carrington, promptly blew her head off with a shotgun.

Oh, wait.  Did I also mention that they were all EUGENICISTS?  Yeah.  Funny how these little “idiosyncrasies” always seem to crop up cheek-by-jowel, no?

So, you may be sitting there asking yourself why in the WORLD would I have any interest in a movie about these people in the first place.  The answer is because one of the core members of this wicked group of Modernist sodomite eugenicists was none other than…


Yes, THAT John Maynard Keynes.  The father and “god” of all modern economics – the most influential economist, without question, of the 20th century.  Keynes’ economic theories (and it is extremely charitable to even dignify them as “theories”) basically revolved around the premise that aggregate demand was the sole determiner of overall economic activity, and thus if the State (read: “The Central Banks’ respective puppet fronts and operational arms”) intervened in the economy by printing money and providing “stimulus” to aggregate demand, this was the means by which full employment could be achieved and permanently maintained.


As people with functioning brains in their heads now know and understand, if even only from a purely experiential, real-life basis, this is all abject, steaming hog diarrhea. Government intervention does NOT stimulate aggregate demand, but in fact hinders it. Printing money and debasing the currency is not only ineffective, but is a capital crime because it is THEFT on a scale so massive that it is literally obscured from the view of the people by virtue of its enormity.  The only purpose applied Keynesian theory serves is to rapidly enrich and fraudulently empower a micro-oligarchy dwelling within the Central Bank-cum-Government matrix.

Did I mention Keynes was a super-promiscuous sodomite?  And a eugenicist?

Back to the movie.  So I sit through this hideous film, and guess what?  Guess who has been utterly purged from the script?  Guess who is never seen or mentioned?

John. Maynard. Keynes.

Wow.  Ya think?  Ya think these Modernist wretch tyrants and their media toadies would want to hide the fact that the “father” of this economic paradigm that is taught as unquestionable dogma in every university in Western Civilization today was a nasty pervert and despicable human being?

But wait, it gets better.  Last night I stumbled across this video posted over at Ace of Spades of Friedrich Hayek being interviewed in which he speaks about Keynes.  And what does Hayek (a genuinely good and contributive economist) say of Keynes? Basically, that Keynes the economist was a total fraud.  He praises Keynes intrinsic intelligence, but says that he was lazy and that his economic theories were pure fluff – a paper facade.  Keynes gave no deep, serious thought to any of it, and couldn’t defend it when confronted by great minds.

As even armchair economists can now see, such simple questions as:

1.  What is money?
2.  Where will the so-called intervening government stimulus money come from?
3.  Does printing money ad infinitum have any negative moral or economic consequences?
4.  If government “stimulus” does not achieve full employment, is more stimulus the answer?  Is there any limit to the amount of stimulus that could be required?
5.  Could an economy become addicted to this government “stimulus” and thus turn into a massive, sucking maw which then inevitably implodes upon itself killing a non-trivial percentage of the surface population?
6.  Are you okay with point 5 as long as the majority of those killed are brown people and/or those who “judge” your enthusiasm for violently abusing your posterior fundament, and the posterior fundaments of others?

Guys, I have said this before, but I’ll say it again.  This flagging civilization, which you are right in the heart of, is a giant, hollow scam.  There’s no “there” there.  The people running the world and being hailed as geniuses are almost all utter frauds.  Universities churn out people who are all-but-illiterate.  If you define “literacy” as being able to read street signs, then yes, most of them (but not all) are literate.  If you define literacy properly, meaning a man who is well-read and truly educated and thus able to THINK, and REASON and CREATE, and thus contribute to and grow the culture, then… no.  Sorry.  Intellects are hollow.  Souls are hollow.  Culture is hollow.  Government is hollow.  Economies are hollow.  MEN ARE HOLLOW.

It's all going to pop.  Maybe not tomorrow.  Maybe not next week or next month, but it WILL pop because it MUST.

Keynes was a fraud.

The totality of the political class are all slack-jawed frauds.  They couldn’t solve ANY of these problems even if they wanted to because they lack the intelligence and the character to actually do it.

The universities are FILLED with frauds, especially in the soft sciences.

The Church is filled with frauds (Marxist-sodomite infiltrators) and with those who are so woefully ignorant that their non-invincible ignorance constitutes a form of fraud.

Everything you see around you is tissue-paper thin, and if you scratch it, you realize that there is no solidity to anything in Western Civilization any longer.  Instead of being anchored to Truth in a well-built and competently-helmed barque, the ropes have been cut, the ballast jettisoned, and our papier mache ship of lies is riding the gulf stream of evil straight into Hurricane Reality.

The Good News (TM) is that scripture is filled with the imagery and language of the empty being filled.  Over and over again Our Lord makes clear that this condition of “hollowness” is not only fixable in every man, but what Our Lord desires for every man.  But only He can fill the hollowness in men.  There is no substitute.  Everything else is fraud, and not only will the hollowness remain, but will increase with each attempt at filling oneself with these frauds.  Dora Carrington tried to fill her hollowness with perverted sex and philosophical lies until finally her facade gave way – to a shell-full of double-aught buck.  And her “friend”, John Maynard Keynes, “helped” her the same way he is “helping” the global economies today: straight into hell.

-Ann Barnhart



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