Well, ok! I’ll play.

Here’s a short primer:

What does it all mean, so why should we care about one crazy convict?

Good question and if your response had been, What is “Follow the Money, Alex” you’d be the Blue Ribbon winner!

This fellow is a big fan of “SWATT-ing” – the viscous and potentially fatal practice of making bogus phone calls to Law Enforcement with the goal of sending the SWAT team to your house.

That’s just one of many dirty tactics this fellow likes to employ. As if 8 bombings, the murder of Julia Scyphers, drug dealing and child sex abuse weren’t enough. Kimberlin was co-founder of a far-left group known as the ‘Velvet Revolution,’ (that name alone is just freaking hilarious) and JTM aka “Justice Through Music.” Seventeen years in prison apparently taught this fellow zip. Then again, he did learn techniques that would make any jailhouse lawyer proud.

Again, follow the money and you find the usual suspects, perhaps a few surprises:

Tides Foundation (George Soros)    –   $70,000

Singer and all around pain in the ass Barbara Streisand    –  $10,000

Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Senator John Kerry   –  $20,000

So, if JTM or the ‘Velvet Revolution’ is responsible for terrorism /murder/general mayhem, does that not make Soros, Kerry & Streisand financially, legally and morally responsible as well? And why are Maryland Democrats letting the “Speedway Bomber” get away with terrorism?