For the next 24 Hours every patriot within reach of this message needs to send a few bucks, or more, to the Zimmerman Defense Fund.


This is NOT just about Shellie and George Zimmerman, this is about YOU.   What they are going through could happen to any one of us.   Shellie has been charged with a felony for perjury where no perjury exists.   George has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder, where no murder exists.   They will know the size of the support for them by the sheer magnitude of donations to help them.   Please consider your support.

Both Shellie and George are being railroaded by a malicious and vindictive prosecutor.

Help Fight Back By donating to the Zimmerman Defense Fund over the next 24 Hours.

Thank you 

Money Bomb For Shellie and George NEXT 24 Hours.