Oh, my.

We’re certainly at a crossroads, aren’t we?


After the Virginia debacle, with a little New Jersey mixed in:

1. The RNC HATES the Tea Party. HATES them, pure and simple, and it’s been going on for some time. Allen West is no longer a US Rep as a result of his district being redrawn by, you guessed it: the Republican Establishment. Go read some of the correspondence between McCain & Cruz, it was almost as if McCain thought Cruz was an intern of his, and that he had seniority after all, and wanted Ted to shut up and go sit in the back of the bus. Civility? Christie couldn’t possibly have spent more time with Obama in the days and weeks leading up to last November’s election, yet the RNC seems to almost desperately cling to this silly notion that he’s some sort of front runner. Ah, no thanks, Lindsey.

2. Left to the RNC and establishment Republicans, we would have had Dewhurst as Texas’ second Senator – another hand-picked successor based upon seniority & cronyism.

Lets look at some of the other RINO’s on parade, shall we?
3. -John McCain- this is the SAME guy who said the ‘rebels’ in Libya were “patriots”- of course, this is the SAME bunch that killed Amb. Stevens. Oh, and the ‘rebels’ in Syria were our allies. You mean the rebels that had the saran gas, and are aligned with Al Qaeda, those allies? Oh, and instead of really looking into Benghazi, Eric Cantor & John McCain wind up telling congress to move on. Really John?

4. Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio and John McCain and Lindsey Graham who supported amnesty.

5. Of course, there’s John Boehner. Now, when one “compromises” you are supposed to actually get something in return. But “capitulation” means caving in and getting nothing. How many times has Boehner caved in, and gotten zero in return? Every. Single. Time.

6. Mitch McConnell. “Caved” into the Dems after $3 Billion of rather retarded largesse benefiting Kentucky was written under the cover of darkness for this supposed “Conservative.” In middle America that’s called bribery, but hey. Bidness as usual.

7. Please. No more Bushes. Just please. Not. Ever. Again.

8. It’s really ludicrous to hear Romney & McCain lecture the Tea Party on how to win an election. Seriously? Wouldn’t it be better, say, asking the 1961 New York Mets how to win the World Series?

9. The list wouldn’t be complete without big government Rep. Peter King of New York, also a Republican wants to prosecute Snowden. News flash for you, Peter: Snowden is the hero. Rogers and King and Feinstein and Reid and Pelosi and Obama and etc etc etc. are the CRIMINALS.

10. Cornyn does have primary opposition in the name of Linda Vega. Hmm. 2 Conservative Hispanics serving as US Senator. Hmm.

I am waiting for Chris Christie to run with Michelle Obama and Jeb Bush in some kind of troika. She gets to tell us what to eat and they get to send more jobs to China.

Bottom line is this: it’s the Establishment Republicans + the Democrats + the media against the rest of us. A big government Republican is no better than a big government Democrat. Right now I’m watching my country being destroyed from within, all under the nose of the Republicans who are supposed to be on our side, but by their actions – obviously are not.