Warning … there are people trying to take over the Tea Party .. they set themselves up as ‘leaders’ but when you check their background it does not pass the smell test or the COMMON SENSE test either. When you have someone in social media or otherwise who uses initials .. NO work history.. only dodgy stuff like ‘lobbyist’ .. or student at some half assed college working on a degree in journalism and they are RUDE bullies to anyone who asks a question .. you better check out who they are. When these people divide your state into regions and demand if you are Tea Party . report to them. State Tea Parties need to make sure they are not being HIGH JACKED either by the republican or democrat establishment, or by some PUTZ who lives in his or her mother’s basement, someone who is rude or tries to take over Tea Party operations or events. IF they do not share their history on Facebook they are probably either working for the FEDS, for some NGO who reports to one of OBAMA”S minions, self described ‘leaders’ .. only they decided to appoint themselves, or they are republican operatives trying to coopt the Tea Party, many are simply legends in their own mind college students or drama queens working in their mother’s basement pretending to be Thomas Paine. A Facebook friend who appeared on Fox the other day had trouble with one of them. BEWARE … the powers that be want to destroy the Tea Party movement .. they FEAR it along with Oath Keepers and other groups they can not control. SAD we can’t trust everyone, but the world has become a DARK DARK place in some regards, as ‘Tea Party’ guy Glenn Beck discovered. I do not trust any of the talking heads- but Beck opportunist – that he is has a semi honest bone in his body and has warned of the attempt to take over the Tea Party. I am not a member of ANY party I foreswore that after I saw what happened to the two main parties and the attempt on the Tea Party by establishment of right and left. I do not join groups usually because often the WORST sorts take over .. or they are run by an out of control EGO who makes it all about them and their ideas. Often conservative groups cancel each other out because of this fact groups end up about raising money they end up about competing for crumbs. It is one reason conservatives have such a difficult time changing policy, it becomes about who is in charge and who has the most money.

—Diane Alden