According to Newsmax, Ann Coulter believes that “shysters” within the tea party should be distrusted, especially the ones who say they are trying to defeat establishment Republicans.

“There are shysters,” the conservative author said Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity. ”Don’t trust anyone saying they are trying to defeat ‘establishment Republicans.’”

Proof positive that verbosity does not necessarily mean intelligence. You literally make my skin crawl. Elect Republicans is the answer, Ann? Following that interesting bit of logic, we should’ve had it made in 2000, hell 2004 for that matter, right? So if there’s a Jeffords, McCain, Cornyn, Graham, McConnel, Spector, Alexander, Boehner, Crist, or Christie we should vote for them simply because they have an “R” next to their name?ann-coulter John Cornyn, Texas’ second most conservative Senator, has now voted 9 times to raise the debt limit and we got what, exactly in return? Zip. We’re now in protracted, undeclared wars in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, & Somalia. Not so much as a wimper from the “Loyal” opposition. Establishment (aka- “RINO”) Republicans are openly talking about amnesty, and are directly responsible for funding Obamacare.

But of course, we should elect more “establishment republicans.” MMkaye.

What an insufferable, shrill shill. Go away. Oh, and take Karl Rove and Peter King with you.