One of those arrested and currently on a $1 million bond. Talk about a false-flag event, the whole Waco narrative will eventually fall apart.


Kate Woods tells a story so compelling that I am not even going to touch this. This is the story of the Los Caballeros MC members in jail in Waco due to the May 17th shooting. From what I can see, this is a club of mostly disabled veterans? No criminal backgrounds showing up on these vets, either, unless you count the American Legion as a gang?

Mike is a disabled veteran. He spent 21 and a half years in the military. He deployed to Iraq and didn’t lose a single soldier there, he brought them all home safe. He enjoyed being in the military, but he felt that his time was at an and there. However, he sorely missed the comradery. So, he joined the American Legion Riders. Friends of his were members of ‘Los Caballeros.” This is not a criminal or 1%er Club in any way. their name translates…

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