Truly an injustice- heartbreaking.

Melissa Owens tells a love story worthy of Nicholas Sparks watching Sleepless in Seattle. She and Bobby were high school sweethearts… they drifted apart after high school.. she went to college, he took four years of training to become a master electrician. When several years later she left a loveless marriage with her two boys in tow, she ran into her high school sweetheart, and it was like they had never been apart. She was afraid to tell him she has a disabled child.. but when she did, he said “I loved you since junior high.. I’m not going to stop now.”

Her crisp efficient voice fades into a dreamy sigh as she describes how this amazing man rode into her life like a white knight on a chrome horse. The first time Payden, her non verbal son, met Bobby, he immediately reached for him, threw his arms around his…

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