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1. The Texas Confederation of Clubs is divided into 12 regions, which you can see here    –>   US Defenders    Texas COC    1af-txcoc-6005877344_n

It is an organization that lobbies on behalf of motorcycle rights, and disseminates information concerning local events related to the motorcycle community. A Motorcycle Club (aka – MC) may join Texas COC by paying dues of $100 per year, and having their patch (aka ‘cuts’ or ‘colors’) approved unanimously by representatives of all the other member clubs. Usually that is a fairly easy process. A hundred bucks per year is roughly 2 months of gym membership and for the life of me I can’t think of any non-motorcycle clubs, such as Kiwanas, Rotory, or, say, the Masons that would be cheaper. Some of the expenses of COC would be in the area of lobbying, legal assistance and the acquisition of meeting space. At any given meeting, there may be something along the order of 300-500 bikers in attendance, representing 20 to 30, perhaps even more MC’s. There are also many Riding Clubs (RC’s) and Riding Groups (RG’s) that are regular and welcomed attendees. Additionally, many others are “independent” i.e., they aren’t in any MC at all but show anyway and have always been made more than welcome.


These COC groups meet generally every 2 months, meaning that in any given year there would be about 72 regularly scheduled meetings statewide.

Texas Confederation of Clubs is not a new organization. They are well known to the State’s legislators, the Governor, police, and media- one of the many reasons that this whole ‘criminal organization’ meme is as frustrating as is is wrong. For example, recently, they lobbied successfully against HB 2918, which would’ve made it illegal to film, record, photograph, or document police actions, including recording your own interactions with the police- a direct violation of your Constitutional Rights.

Here’s a few more samples of the body of work

2007 —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbpQD1cEWao
2012 —> Escondido Paul 2012 (one of the arrestees) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebupZ-JJwso

2015 —> Legislative day
2. More on the 2015 Legislative Day here –>


Pay particular attention at 0:32 and 1:20 – Paul Landers and Sandra Lynch. Remember those names?

3. Ergo, the assertion by the Waco PD that this is a “Criminal Organization” is hereby completely, utterly smashed to ruins. Pure, unadulterated propaganda – this time it comes with a conservative and NEOCON twist but it’s propaganda nonetheless. And the Waco Tribune. Please. It’s sort of a symbiotic relationship. They will never, ever cross a certain line. Evah. They will never point out the failures of the police or the patently absurd level of corruption existing within city and county officials. In laymen’s terms, they won’t “narc” on their neighbors. Even some citizens of Waco think its a lot more fun to think everyone is on their side. News flash, Sugarbear: They are not. It’s the old us against them sports team mentality. Maybe it is GOOD for business, but as a journalist, or prosecutor, or citizen for that matter, one should always seek the truth, no matter who it hurts or helps.