1. SB 754 was signed into law by Gov Abbot on 6/16/2015, and becomes law in the State of Texas effective Sept 1, 2015.
There are roughly 450,000 motorcycles registered in the State of Texas. 450k x $3 x 10 years. I’m no math nerd but I’m guessing that’s a lot of money. Enough to get some folks attention, such as the Texas DPS who now would have oversight on that portion of their budget. I’m told the odds against passage were somewhere in the Mr Ed winning the Preakness neighborhood.

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Yet- against long odds, it was passed in the Texas House and Senate with only 2 dissenting votes! A monumental victory for the Texas COC. Umm, yeah THAT Texas COC, the criminal organization the good Sargent from WPD keeps verbally skewering. That one.

2. Check the Witness List for April 22, which was just before the bill was debated:


waco witness list
Notice the namesOwen Bartlett. Mike Lynch. Sandra Lynch. Paul Landers. Sound familiar? If you’re keeping score at home those 4 folks were also arrested during the Waco debacle, and were unbelievably incarcerated and placed under $1 Million bond.

3. Notice ALSO that CFO Denise Hudson & Maj. Jason Hester – employees of Texas DPS and ergo the state of Texas- were both scheduled to testify, and lobby against passage of this bill. Front and center, this presents a rather serious ethics dilemma: Did Ms Hudson and/or Mr Hester do any of this whilst on State time? Because if they did, it would be, well, illegal. Lilbit. Check the provisions of Texas Government Code chapter 556 which specifically prohibit influencing legislation except on personal time. Perhaps a FOIA request of the employeee logs for that day might be in order.



RIP — “Sputnik”

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