Montel Williams has called for the federal government to shoot & kill those who have occupied a remote federal building in Oregon.

Now regardless of your opinion of what this group is up to, or why: so far we’ve seen no violence, no injuries, no looting, no property damage. There is every reason to believe this episode can be brought to a peaceful end unless someone in the FBI or some other federal agency gets trigger happy. Quite unlike Ferguson & Baltimore, where blacks turned what may have been legitimate complaints into orgies of violence, looting, & destruction.

If you do not think Montel WIlliams’s comment was inexcusable & racist — obviously made because, as left-leaning corporate media has been hammering all day, the militiamen are white males — then just imagine the races reversed. Imagine a white equivalent of Montel Williams (whoever it might be) saying the same thing about, e.g., blacks in Baltimore whose protests against the Freddie Gray police killing turned into mass violence & destruction. Then ask yourself who the real racists in U.S. society are.