A Pasadena Police Department officer is serving a 30-day suspension without pay after video evidence revealed that he was using the back seat of his patrol car for something other than hauling bad guys to jail.
A Pasadena, TX police officer demonstrates his in-car dash camera and monitor, August 19, 2013 in Pasadena, TX. Photo: Eric Kayne, For The Chronicle / ©2013 Eric Kayne

Photo: Eric Kayne, For The Chronicle


According to a release from Pasadena PD it was the routine check of a video system in a patrol car that revealed that officer Jeff Mubarak had sex in the back of that car. He admitted to the incident which happened while he was on duty. A dash cam captured what happened.

Police said the incident occurred last August. The officer has been with the department for nine years, according to KTRK-TV.

KTRK-TV spoke to Chief Michael Thaler who said that the woman in the footage was in the Citizen Ride Along program and interested in becoming a police officer. Mubarak and that woman later became romantically involved.

The ride along program has since been suspended and is under review.

“He was honest and accepted responsibility. He expressed extreme concern or remorse for his actions for the embarrassment he caused himself, the department and the community of Pasadena at large, Thaler told reporters.

Thaler said the officer will be able to return to work after he serves his 30-day suspension, which is just short of being fired.


By Craig Hlavaty

Published 2:31 pm, Friday, February 19, 2016