IF he does not want to stand or say The Pledge of Allegiance, as an NFL player …then fine him & don’t allow him to play for the rest of the season. Hit him where it hurts- in the wallet.  As an NFL player he does set an example like it or not. Remember that NBA player a few years ago? There’s accountability for one’s actions. The military can put his games off limits to AD personnel, members can boycott games on their own. If his reasons ARE really more important than football the NFL should let him go do what ever he feels is more important than football!

Especially galling is that Kaepernick is bi-racial and was raised by his WHITE parents.

The political illiteracy of so many people in this nation exemplifies why we’re in decline. Don’t want to stand for the anthem? Stand ON the flag? Fine.

But before you do, at least have the intellectual curiosity God gave a goat. That flag and that anthem are the only reason you get to make millions of dollars playing a game and spout off about how “oppressed” people are.

That anthem and that flag represent the freest (for now) and LEAST oppressed people – of all ethnicities – in the history of mankind.

Ingratitude is one of the ugliest human attributes. And people who trash this nation while benefiting from its largesse are as ungrateful as they come.


Colin Kaepernick Blasted for Refusing to Stand for National Anthem Over ‘Oppression’ of Black People